The Rebel Flower

For their Summer 18/19 collection, I’ve collaborated with Maaike (pronounced like “Micah”), designing their statement print in a dream come true collection of wide leg jumpsuits, perfect kimono style jackets and of course immaculately draped dresses - always with a twist . I’ve been a big fan of Maaike for many years, their creative voice is so unique, and a rare thing in the world of fashion - uninfluenced by cliquey, meaningless trends.

Instead, Abby van Schrevan and Emilie Pullar design clothes that are always a beautiful contradiction, both timeless and yet futuristic (with current pieces frequently styled with favourites from previous years), understated yet dramatic, effortless but considered.

They’re both very modest when you (I) suggest that the fact their loyal following, intense layering skills (I have SO much to learn), and quality of design and manufacture (every piece is made in NZ) seriously sets them apart - with women (and men) loving and treasuring pieces from across the almost decade they’ve been in business.

In a style vastly different to what comes to mind (but not hating on a linen shift dress ok), Maaike is the true antithesis of “fast fashion”, their customers are collectors and curators, each piece uniquely interpreted and able to be worn in a myriad of ways, fitting many (and changing) bodies, forever contemporary.

So, it’s in to this I found myself invited to create a bold summer print. Seeing my design transformed in to wearable art is something else, seeing all sorts of different and amazing people wearing it and interpreting it their own way is next level, getting to wear it myself is beyond.

The collection is available in store (both at Maaike & Co and with stockists) and online now, with different style drops still to come. I plan to wear these pieces for the rest of my life (I know, I’m intense) and I hope you enjoy them and can sense the creativity, joy, pure collaboration and friendship this collection has come from.

Photographed by the awesome Sacha Stejko.