Too Much & Never Enough Jacket

Too Much & Never Enough Jacket


As part of the Lake House Arts exhibition”Power Jacket” recognising 125 years of Women’s suffrage in NZ, 2018 I created this one off jacket as a continuation of my “swept under the rug” body of work. The jacket is 100% synthetic pink fur and fits between a size 10 - 14 (NZ sizes) comfortably. It can be worn, or displayed as an art piece. The back panel is a hand hooked rug piece.

"Too Much And Never Enough" is my response to my own life experience of being a woman,  a feminist, and a female artist. It's that impossible standard for ideal femininity that can never be achieved. Forever being too loud, too quiet, too feminine, too tough, too fat, too thin, too prudish, too sexy, too independent, too needy, too much...and NEVER enough.  The bright, pink fur emblazoned with a woollen, rainbow vagina is an intentionally brash, bold, and hyper feminine image that plays with the perception of female art as, ultimately, flighty and frivolous.

"Too Much And Never Enough" shines a light on the myriad of contradictions rife in contemporary femininity and feminism, and raises the question "When will we be enough?"

Due to the delicate nature of the decoration, this item should be worn with care and spot cleaned only. It is stitch signed by hand on the inside.

About "Swept under the rug"

I started my vagina rug project when commissioned to create 10 pieces of this shape for Seed Gallery. As a self-professed prude they presented a challenge to me, but as I created them I felt this whole awkwardness surrounding the depiction of vaginas completely vanish. They're freeing and fun, both abstract and literal in their randomness. I suppose a lot could be read in to the acceptance of my own femininity in creating them using such a traditionally feminine pastime - and it might be true. But more simply, I'm married to a gynaecologist and they make me smile. 

I've decided to continue on with this project and see where it takes me, experimenting with and documenting my front bums as I go. No two are the same, I create them without forward planning with choices on colour and shapes made as I work. I will post pieces of varying sizes as available.

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