#38 - Small

#38 - Small

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"Swept under the rug"

I started my vagina rug project when commissioned to create 10 pieces of this shape for Seed Gallery. As a self-professed prude they presented a challenge to me, but as I created them I felt this whole awkwardness surrounding the depiction of vaginas completely vanish. They're freeing and fun, both abstract and literal in their randomness. I suppose a lot could be read in to the acceptance of my own femininity in creating them using such a traditionally feminine pastime - and it might be true. But more simply, I'm married to a gynaecologist and they make me smile. 

I've decided to continue on with this project and see where it takes me, experimenting with and documenting my front bums as I go. No two are the same, I create them without forward planning with choices on colour and shapes made as I work. I will post pieces of varying sizes as available.

#38: Approx 15 cm x 11 cm,  3-dimensional vagina rug wall piece. Each one is created by hand using traditional a traditional rug punching techniques, and each one is entirely unique. Mounted on plywood and ready to hang on the wall. Signed and numbered on reverse. 

Assorted yarn, cloth, plywood

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