Sweet! - Evie Kemp


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This super relaxed grey tabby is nodding his understated approval, with a simple 'Sweet!' picked out in duck egg blue lettering. It's perfect for those times you're trying to play it cool, like when your Grandma turns 80 or the birth of your first son, or to let your friend know you think it's a-ok she just turned 30, and to congratulate your 29 year old brother for finally moving out of home. Basically, like every card in this series it covers pretty much everything and makes you look suitable happy about it. Sometimes "Congratulations", "Happy Birthday" and "Thank You" just don't cover it, but furry faces and totally generalised, over-enthusiastic exclamations do.

Woah, Sweet, Ooh, Yay and Yuss cover all manner of greetings, expressed by an assortment of suitiably enthusiastic cats and dogs. Each design features an original Evie Kemp illustration, pretty colours, an awesome word and enough unspecific meaning to appeal to even the most reluctant cardgiver. They'll make any recipient smile, even if you're not even sure why you're giving them a card in the first place.

All cards are A6 sized, matte printed on gorgeous, 100% recycled stock, come with a 100% recycled kraft envelope and are sealed in a sleeve to protect them until you're ready to write your own witty message inside (inside is blank). Designed and printed in Auckland, NZ.

FREE NZ SHIPPING! $3 to the rest of the world - cards ship as letters via regular post. YAY!