Dreams & Insight - Evie Kemp

Dreams & Insight

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Dreams & insight featuring the anenome flower, Aventurine crystal, a feather, Gila monster - a symbol of dream time, and the morning stars - native american symbol of guidance.

The animal spirite hath his seate in the brayne ... called animal, bycause it is the first instrument of the soule, which the Latins call animal.

Spiritus Animales: Bartholomew Traheron, 1543

The idea of spirit animals is something that has always interested me. This collection is my personal take on animal totems or more specifically dog totems. No matter what your beliefs, it is undeniable that universally, animals represent a purity of spirit and goodness of soul that is absent in our own species.

Each spirit combines a personality with a collection of symbology from various cultures, past and present. A short description of each is included on the back.

All cards are A6 sized, matte printed on gorgeous, 100% recycled stock, come with a 100% recycled kraft envelope and are sealed in a sleeve to protect them until you're ready to write your own witty message inside (inside is blank). Designed and printed in Auckland, NZ.

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