Wall Decals

Evie Kemp wall decals can be applied almost anywhere with no damage to either the surface or the decal. So long as the adhesive is kept clean and free of dust the decals can be moved and reapplied many times. On a suitable surface the decal has the ability to remain stuck for years (up to 9) and still remove cleanly.

To correctly install it's important that the surface is clean and totally dry. Wipe the surface well with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust or cleaning product residue that may interfere with the adhesive. Allow the spot to dry completely before carefully peeling the backing from your decal, and smoothing on to the wall to remove any air bubbles. These decals are very forgiving, so don’t fret! To easily install the larger decals start from the bottom, peeling away the backing gradually to avoid the decal sticking to itself, smoothing to the wall as you go.

NB: This material is only suitable to interior surfaces but can be used on walls, kitchen cupboards, fridges, laptops, doors and glass. Avoid applying to walls that have been freshly painted within the last 30 days or surfaces that create dust such as brick.

If you want to move your decals, prepare the new surface as above and move directly. 

If your cat walks on the decal, or an angry lover throws a plate at the wall, you can wipe the decal with a slightly damp cloth to remove marks or stains. 

The decals are non-toxic, safe, biodegradable and printed with water based inks.

Please note that wall decals are prepared to order and will ship within 5 working days. 


All A4, A3, 8"x8", and 12"x12" prints shipped within New Zealand and Australia (as well as A4 and 8"x8" prints shipped further abroad) are packaged with a 100% recycled rigid backing board in a sealed cellophane bag and shipped flat.

All A2, A1 and 16"x16" prints (as well as A3 and 12"x12" prints sent further abroad) are carefully rolled and wrapped within a rigid mailing tube.

All decals are sent in a rigid tube.