Evie Kemp

I LOVE milkshakes. Writing about yourself is hard. I’m me, I design and create. I love it and I’ll never stop.

Evie Kemp is a modern, trend-leading, design brand unafraid of creating products with a strong personality. Combining bold line, colours and arresting motifs, I produce intense art prints and homewares for lovers of modern design who want to make a statement.

I’m a designer and illustrator based in Auckland, New Zealand, I live in an ever changing home in South Auckland with my husband Sam, dogs Biggie and Pebbles, plus boss/cat Eddie. My love of fashion, interiors, art, product design and of course animals provide both constant inspiration and avenues of procrastination. When I'm not creating art, or buying art, or moving art around my house, I'm usually scouring op shops and markets for vintage treasures.


To me, it’s about making work that captures your attention and then just keeps bringing you back. I’m not interested in making something to fit in a showhome, I want all of my pieces to speak and evoke emotion. It can be hard to find homewares and decor that provide a visual punch and so that’s what I try to do – like a visual slap in the face to awaken the senses and give a space its own personality.

Creating locally, sustainably, and to the highest possible standard are all integral to Evie Kemp products. Creating pieces that will not only stand the test of time, but also have minimal impact on the planet. As a small company, especially one focussed on design, it is so important to lead by example – making beautiful things that keep New Zealand, and the world, beautiful too.