JayJays does dogs like Balenciaga

Dog sweaters, but not for actual dogs.

If you can, take your mind back to 2011, when Balenciaga (German Shepherd) and Givenchy (Rottweiler) had their awesome, memorable and coveted fierce dog jumpers. Also the same year as our Doberman tees FYI, they’re vintage now.

Now in 2013, this pretty sweet, snoop ruff knit sweater has appeared in JayJays for 2013 winter for $35.99 NZD. Admittedly, this trend was very slow to trickle down to the high street, but I’m glad it made it.


I think this was the first time I’ve bought something from JayJays in about 10 years, it makes me feel old.

Do you think JayJays have ever been used in the same line as Balenciaga before? I was hoping that snappy title would have a certain shock value.

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