You Are Strong

In response to the horrific events in Christchurch on Friday 15th March, Jenny and I have decided to make our “You Are Strong, You Are You” Feel A Little poster available as a printable for anyone who needs a little comfort.

We’ve been so moved by stories of children turning to Feel A Little as a resource to understand the awful attack on our Muslim community. It was always our intention to help facilitate conversations around emotions, and as we now face conversations we’d hoped we’d never have to have it’s really important to us to help as much as we can.

This print was originally a limited edition reward for our Kickstarter campaign, but we feel all of our wonderful supporters would agree that this is a time for sharing and support.

The print is available to download here and is sized to A3 size with a small white border, if you’d like to print smaller simply scale to fit in your printer profile. I’m sorry that we’re not able to offer any print assistance but it should be straight forward!

This printable is entirely free, but we do ask for you to consider a small donation to the official victims fund if that’s something you feel able to do. The link for that is here.

If you share we’d love to be tagged so we can see. On instagram we’re @feelalittlenz (and I’m @eviekemp and Jenny is @alittleink) and on facebook we’re Feel A Little.

We’re determined that those 50 beautiful lives lost were not in vain, and that more than ever we must actively exercise kindness, tolerance and acceptance towards all.

Much love to you all, please take care of each other.

lots of love,

Evie & Jenny xxx

(And I’m sure this doesn’t need adding, but please do not sell the design, or use for promotional purposes. Thank you!)