On Beauty EQ


Earlier this month (July 2018), I had the joy of having the team from Beauty EQ - Trudi Brewer, Louise Hilsz, and photographer Keryn Sweeney visit me at home for a feature on the Beauty EQ Influencer segment. 

Trudi and Louise are both pretty much superstars in the NZ world, so I'll be honest that I was slightly starstruck and nervous about having them round to my place. I needn't have been freaked, they ARE brilliantly stylish, but they're also incredibly kind, fun and lovely. It was a really great morning. 


For the feature I answered a lot of questions I haven't answered before, including facing that uncomfortable word/world/role of "influencer". Giving this some real thought and putting my thoughts in to words was really significant to me and how I justify that side of my work. 

I also answer a lot of other questions, about design, my fave beauty products (of course), and home. The interview is accompanied by the most magical glowing pictures from Keryn - I wasn't familiar with her work before this meeting, but she's an incredible photographer and I feel very honoured to have had her come and capture my home. 

So, anyway, head over to Beauty EQ to read the post and all the other fab content on there.