The Pink Hallway


Our pink hallway is nothing new, I have to restrict myself on the number of photos I take in front of those rosy walls, but in the spirit of blogwomanship I thought I'd share in full. 

When we moved in nearly 3 years ago the whole house was painted white,  the hallway/entrance way runs from one end to the other and is about 9 metres long. Originally The 'back' wall that faces you as you come in the front door is a great space for displaying art, though ideally one day it will be displaying things framed with non-reflective glass! 

This chair matched perfectly, argh. 

This chair matched perfectly, argh. 

Originally we painted the hallway a beautiful dark bluey/green - Dulux 'Brown's Bay' which I really loved. It was moody but robust, and gave a real sense of drama and dignity when you stepped inside the house. Like most good darker paints, it was a fantastic backdrop for artwork and furniture.

But, last year I saw one photo of a mid century dresser covered in plants against a pink wall and I couldn't get it out of my mind. I got my pink swatches ordered (tip: online you can order up to 4 free larger (A4) size swatches from Dulux) and picked my colour 'Cashel Street'. I wanted a real pinky-pink, not too blue, not too orange, not too dusty, dark or grown up, but not too candy, blush, or girlish.

When the pinking was complete, I have to admit I freaked out a little that I'd gone and ruined my lovely grown-up dark room (even if I had, it's only paint!) and skirted too close to Barbie, but once I started hanging pictures and styling it up a little I completely fell in love. It's been pink for about a year now and everyday I love it even more. It's just so me, and better yet it's unapologetically me which is something I struggle to be in real life. That feeling of being 'too much' and having to try and be more 'normal' or tone it down is still (perhaps despite appearances) a pretty prevailing sense for me, so to walk in to my house and be like "BAM! I love pink, look how pink it is!" is incredibly freeing. 

You'll see I'm forever rearranging art/rugs/lamps but for now, I have no urge to change the pink. Which given it's been a WHOLE 12 months, is a bit of a miracle. 

The pink doggy is by John Bond.

The hallway has amazingly huge cupboards down one side so all the inconvenient things like shoes and coats are hidden away, leaving maximum space for STUFF. I never tire of coming home to the pink, and seeing it glowing through the windows when I pull up to the house at night. 

Photo by Jane Ussher for NZ House & Garden. 

Photo by Jane Ussher for NZ House & Garden. 

IOTY AUCK MON_0077.jpg

And of course, as a closing note, I have to acknowledge the (pink) elephant in the room and what I most often get asked about it... "What does your partner think of the pink walls?". He loves them.